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10 Reasons Why New Hardware is the Best Choice to Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bath

Posted by Amerock on Aug 4, 2016 4:08:00 PM


Before and After: Sea Grass knobs and pulls from Amerock give your cabinets a quick makeover.

Often overlooked, changing your outdated hardware is an uncomplicated way to upgrade your space. Here’s why the time is right to tackle this simple task.

1. Small change, big impact

When every penny counts, you want a DIY project that makes a powerful impact. Just changing knobs or pulls makes a kitchen or bathroom look remodeled. New hardware installation is one of the most affordable DIY projects you can pursue. You’ll be surprised how many gorgeous pieces you can find for less than $10.

2. Minimal time investment

Changing kitchen cabinet hardware is a simple way to freshen existing space without a lot of time or expense. Installing new knobs, pulls, and hinges is a project you can do in as little as two hours and usually less than half of a day. Choose new hardware from a range of styles and finishes, to quickly update your space.

3. No skills needed

Unsure about your installation skills? “No problem,” says Tracey Amadio, vice president of sales and marketing for Amerock, the manufacturer of decorative hardware solutions. “Switching out knobs is easy with just a few twists of a screwdriver. Comfortable with a power drill? Create even more visual interest by changing some of your knobs to pulls” she says. Use the Amerock easy Installation Template as a fail-safe guide.

4. Mix and match

Can’t decide between knobs and pulls? Go for an eclectic look and use different types of knobs, pulls and cup pulls from the same collection. Take it one step further by using two different finishes from the same collection for more visual appeal, like the example in the photo above.

5.  Fast facelift

You don’t have to wait around for a major overhaul to change your style. New pillows, paint and hardware are “go to” solutions for a quick style upgrade. Mix, match or blend finishes to create a color scheme with a harmonious feel, or use a contrasting tone to provide a pop of color against light or dark furniture.

6. Express your personal style

Fine details like knobs and pulls have become part of a designer's palette, serving both a functional use and an artistic one. “Why not improve upon the builder’s grade hardware that looks just like the neighbor’s? Easy to install, new hardware that reflects your personality can drastically change the appearance of a kitchen or bath without the expense of remodeling,” says Laura Pallay, a licensed realtor in New Jersey

7. Boost resale value

When it comes time to sell, beautiful glass knobs or polished finishes make your home stand out from the competition. For maximum “curb appeal”, choose a style with one of the top-selling finishes: Polished Nickel. Take it further and swap out old door handles and hinges, and your home instantly has a fresh new feeling.

8. Impress your guests

Your friends will think you hired a professional with just a few design tricks such as painting your cabinets and accenting them with stylish hardware. Choose quality hardware in forward-trending finishes like Amerock’s Golden Champagne for a retro-chic look, or use contemporary Gunmetal to complement the new trend of black stainless appliances.

9. Make it cohesive

Match hardware to faucets, sinks, appliances and lighting. “I've seen dramatic differences in kitchen and bath makeovers with quick, relatively inexpensive changes in cabinetry hardware such as changing out old gold pulls and knobs to more current oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel hardware,” says Janeen Conforti, the owner of JanMare Designs, LLC.

10. Consider the classics

There is always an audience for the classics. Select from a classic collection of hardware to ensure your home never goes out of style. The Carolyne, Crawford, and Grace Revitalize collections from Amerock are contemporary takes on traditional style, revamped to blend classic taste with modern style.

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